About Us

Axsari is an innovative development company founded by some of the world’s most seasoned fintech entrepreneurs. Our pioneering work includes state-of-the-art fintech solutions based on distributed ledger and blockchain. 

Axsari’s is a readily adoptable service-based Blockchain that offers unprecedented turn around time by licensing access to our extremely secure platform, while providing custom development for specific applications to suit our clients’ needs. 

Our portfolio of investments include a range of up and coming blockchain-based companies that gain the benefit of both our fintech expertise and our full suit of development services. 

We also provide customised, exclusive development services by request.

The Early Work

Our team’s early work, was to develop working prototypes of blockchain, distributed ledgers, cryptography, tokens and secure systems for some of the world’s primary Investment banks.

In April 2016, we established AgUnity with a goal of assisting the 1 billion smallholder farmers - the most financially and technologically excluded people in the world - who struggle due to trust issues that people in developed nations take for granted.  


AgUnity actualised BITCOIN founder Satoshi Nakamoto’s original vision and purpose - a distributed and accessible system of record keeping that builds trust between parties. Our initial business model addressed the major challenges of developing world farmers, introducing to them a new connected world on a level playing field.


Global awareness and recognition of our product, service and team has led to investment and partnership development enquiries from over twenty global countries. 

Unique Benefits

We soon realised that our technology platform provides several functions and benefits:

  • An integrated social and financial network - accessible to all

  • A robust platform that can deliver 3rd party applications to any target audience from established institutions to remote communities

  • A seamless means to deploy hundreds of applets, many of which leverage blockchain entities​